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We help you attain optimal performance

Are your intentions clear

Mind Body, Flow.

Perform With Open Heart, Happy Heart

Learn To Win

Expectation that you will meet goal/challenge

Relief From Pain

Improve Focus, Attention & Clear thinking

Improve Sleep

Improve Memory

Overcome Anxiety/Depression

Reduce Dependence on Medicines

Neurofeedback Research

A New Paradigm for Healing

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Looking for Optimal Performance?


"The first difference people notice is the quiet mind and the release of fear." We are Biofeedback Health Services and success is not accidental. With an individualized treatment program, our neurofeedback and technology.


In a safe and comfortable setting, you will be guided to move beyond emotional and performance struggles. You will learn the state of optimal mind and body: Relaxed alertness, brain fitness, meditation, stress management, stress and anxiety liberation, fearlessness. The state of mind-body flow leads to Inspiration, creativity, intuitiveness, clear intention, vision and unfastened goal setting.


Mind Body Flow is a state of being that is Disciplined Organization; filled with relaxed alertness. Begin to write a compelling new chapter in your life. We help you attain optimal perfomance.


NRBS Releases Lineup for 2009 Spring Conference

The Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society will host its 2009 Spring Conference on April 25 at the Elizabeth Arden Building on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street in New York City. Titled “Being in the Zone: Biofeedback and Neurofeedback for Artistic, Athletic and Academic Performance,” the conference will feature several workshops and keynote speakers....