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About Us

Health and Performance International is an integrative service specialized in dealing with peak performance training ( optimal performance), and clinical health need services under the direction of Cecile Serrano.


We provide short-term, intensive care programs for a variety of conditions including—but not limited to—the treatment of acute and chronic stress, life management, hypertension, headache syndrome, gastro-intestinal disorders, issues of self-esteem, family dissonance, adults and children with ADD/ADHD, post traumatic stress disorder, brain concussion and head Injuries, anxiety, panic, mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, memory loss and learning disorders, insomnia and sleep imbalance, optimal performance, career enhancement (individual, group workshops, coaching), and performance anxiety elimination.


At Health and Performance International, we have designed a multifaceted, individualized program that is unlike any other approach—an integrative and all-encompassing approach to the treatment of these issues. It is our belief that effective treatment requires an exploration of the connection between emotional states and their effect on the body. The goal for the client is to create wellness, strength, independence and clear thinking. Our treatment protocol integrates years of research and clinical experience in the areas of biofeedback, neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral treatment, behavior analysis, behavioral modulation, and years of studying the successful performer. Our ability to coach, teach balance, mind body relationship, discover life's goals, develop skills, define steps to success and create mood stability distinguishes our services.


We use cutting edge technology to accurately access and measure the natural activity/electricity produced by the brain (neurofeedback). This is significant because improving mental skills is directly related to superior performance. We work with individuals to define target behaviors that will contribute to optimal performance. Using measurement and training strategies such as EEG, brain maping, functional analysis, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and in-depth interviewing, we create a comprehensive approach for achieving personal goals.


Biofeedback provides a broad yet exact approach for treatment for attention problems in people with ADD/ADHD. Our team is comprised of a behavior analyst, psychiatrist, neurologist, psychologist, EEG biofeedback practitioner, and a family systems therapist. Initial consultation includes an in-depth evaluation that gathers historical family and behavioral information. This evaluation is conducted with the individual and caregivers.


Assessment and testing includes the baseline Test of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.), behavior checklists, and an EEG assessment. It is our philosophy that accurate diagnosis and baseline data are important aspects of treatment. Our program is designed to accurately assess and measure patterns of brain activity and behavioral symptoms before, during, and after treatment. Treatment consists of short term, intensive EEG biofeedback sessions in combination with behavior management, academic and family participation and intervention.


By combining the ancient philosophy of Buddhist teachings with cutting edge neuro and bio technology, Steve Kahan teaches that the mind is an independent force that can be harnessed by Inspiration, which creates intention and attention to bring about physical change—neurogenesis.


Success is not accidental.