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Study: Fibromyalgia to Drive Drug Sales

August 6th 2009

The improving diagnosis of fibromyalgia will drive major worldwide markets for years to come.
By Raphael Gassiolle

The improving diagnosis of fibromyalgia, and an ever-increasing population using drugs to treat the syndrome, will drive major worldwide markets for years to come, especially in the United States, according to a recently released report.

Among the world’s major markets, the United States accounted for almost 80 percent of 2008 drug sales for fibromyalgia, a medical syndrome characterized by chronic and widespread pain.

And the United States will represent over two-thirds of fibromyalgia drug sales for the next decade, according to a Pharmacor report detailed in Lab Business Week. Another study, published by Law & Health Weekly, says the increased use of fibromyalgia drugs will create an 8 percent annual growth in that market in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan and the UK, adds the report.